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Colonic Spa was a great experience! I did not know much about Colon Hydrotherapy and I did not know what to expect. I was scheduled to have a colonoscopy and I had heard horror stories about taking laxatives the day before. My friend recommended Colonic Spa as a great way to clean my colon before the procedure. My procedure went great and I would highly recommend to anyone having a colonoscopy done. Thank you Colonic Spa for treating me so well, I will be back for sure.

Sean K.  Toronto, ON

Colon Hydrotherapy is a great way to detox years of waste sitting in your colon. I was nervous for my first appointment as I did not know what to expect. Amanda was very professional and made me comfortable. I was fascinated with how great I felt after the session. Thank You so much and you will be seeing me again very soon.

Jessica D.   Oakville, ON

My experience was great. I did 3 sessions in a row and felt like a new person by day 3. I had so much energy and felt very light. It motivated me to start back at the gym. I would suggest this to anyone feeling sluggish.

Bianca C.   Brampton, ON

Colonic Spa is a great place! I have done 4 sessions in the past two weeks and I feel really good. I would recommend trying the Colenz first if you are shy.

Aneta R.   Toronto, ON

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